the kimono for women, a trendy and timeless garment

The kimono for women is a fashionable and classic outfit for women.
Women’s kimono jackets, also known as haori, dominate our streets in the summer with their vibrant and exotic Japanese patterns. The kimono jacket has dominated the Western fashion industry because to its straight shape, flared sleeves, and light and colorful fabric. The haori is versatile and may be paired with simple denim shorts and a t-shirt to create a casual yet classy look.

The women’s kimono is a staple of the spring-summer wardrobe and can be worn for any occasion. This garment has the advantage of complimenting various morphologies due to its straight and roomy shape, as well as matching with many basics in our collection. The fabric is frequently fluid and light in satin, viscose, or muslin. In most cases, the jacket is tied with its belt.

In the summer, we swap our pareo for a kimono jacket at the beach. It dresses up in the blink of an eye when worn over your bikini. We wear it belted at the end of the night to define our silhouette. With shorts and heels, you’ll have a sultry and laid-back look that’s ideal for the dance floor.

Consider wearing your kimono with a straight dress and pumps for an even more exquisite look. A floral pattern jacket put over a tiny black dress is the ideal combination. To avoid the appearance of floating in your attire, wear a short jacket with a long dress. Shorts or thin pants look best with a long jacket.

Are you a fan of sportswear and easy-to-wear outfits? Opt for a kimono jacket that is light and oversized. It will give you a Harajuku look if you wear it with a tank top or tshirt. Don’t forget your branded sneakers when you’re on your feet. The bravest will pair the kimono with a crop top and high-waisted trousers.

Kimonos have a distinct place in the realm of women’s fashion. This Japanese clothing has been recreated many times throughout the years. The lady kimono is infinitely varied, with long or short sleeves, straight or asymmetrical shape, floral print, embroidered and various colors.